3 Tips to Keep Your BBQ’ing Eco-Friendly

3 Tips to Keep Your BBQ’ing Eco-Friendly

As the weather heats up and the summer season starts to set in, the BBQ gets cued up more and more. We hope you’ve begun to practice those great local food recipes for National BBQ Day! So you’ve got your BBQ fired up, but can your backyard shindig be hurting the environment? Not to worry, we’ve got a few BBQ’ing tips to keep your cookouts green.

1. Grill local

Eating local doesn’t just benefit your local food systems and economy, it also reduces your carbon footprint and keeps your BBQ’ing eco-friendly.  Did you know that only 10% of greenhouse gas emissions linked to food production come from the farm itself? The rest comes from packaging, transportation and marketing of products. You can avoid releasing 90% of greenhouse gas emissions created by food production, by simply buying from your local farmer.

2. Keep it sustainable 

Create less waste, set up bags for recycling and compost. Avoid using paper plates and plastic cutlery. It all ends up in the garbage post-BBQ and fills up landfills unnecessarily. Use Tupperware to transport your scrumptious preparations from the kitchen to the grill and serve it up on reusable plastic plates. As for cutlery, why not just use your regular metal utensils? 

3. Avoid charcoal 

Although charcoal adds that nice smoky flavour that avid BBQ’ers love, it’s also one of the most environmentally unfriendly fuels. It burns dirty and releases soot particles into the air that can play havoc on your lungs. Natural gas and propane are the most environmentally friendly fuels, however if you still want to achieve that smoky flavour, try using wood chips instead of charcoal. Wood chips enhance the flavour of food and are available in a variety of types, including mesquite, hickory, apple and maple.

We hope you keep these tips in mind when you start grilling on July 13th in support of National BBQ Day. Don’t forget to register your BBQ event today!