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National BBQ Day

A Backyard Celebration of Local Food


July 13th, 2013 marks Meal Exchange's fourth annual National BBQ Day (TM), a nation-wide celebration of locally sourced foods. Why go local? Buying local benefits your food system, your local economy as well as your taste buds. With farmers markets popping up everywhere during the summer, it's never been easier to make the right choice.

Great, so where's the BBQ? Well... It’s in your backyard! By hosting your own event with as much locally raised and grown food as possible, you become an integral part of the local food movement. Sustainable food farmers, producers, processors and retailers need your support and the best way to help is to get cooking and talk to your guests about 'Why Local'. Download the toolkit(coming soon!) and lead the discussion on why eating local matters and how easy it is to get your hands on it. Find local here .

By hosting a BBQ and registering your event you are also becoming part of the national conversation. Share your stories, recipes, photos on Twitter (#NationalBBQDay), Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and tag Meal Exchange or e-mail them to us for a chance to WIN a Napoleon BBQ Grill! Share recipes and tell BBQ-ers around the country how you've decided to Go Local, and why.

With your support, finding local will become easier than firing up that grill. So get grilling, and don’t forget to show us your fare!

Why You Need Expert Gas Plumbing In Calgary

Liquefied gas that has been preserved in pressurized containers can sometimes conceive a health hazard to your home. This is the main reason why most if not all residential structures in Calgary place the tanks in specially formed locations and run their gas line from the tank position through the partition to the appliance. You will need expert services when it comes to gas plumbing in Calgary especially when there is a fault in the system.

If you make a mistake when dealing with natural gas or LPG, the repercussions will be far more dangerous than they would if you were fixing a broken water pipe. A large explosion is one possible result. This is why you need an expert to deal with gas plumbing in Calgary. The other possible outcome of a poorly fixed gas system is carbon monoxide poisoning.

There are those non-professionals who have been able to successfully fix a gas plumbing work in the past. Most have been lucky not to suffer serious consequences yet because of exceptional circumstances. But such personnel should not be allowed to handle a broken gas system. You shouldn’t allow a trial and error method applied to your gas installation.

You need the services of an expert during a gas plumbing in Calgary to ensure that there are no more leakages and the gas that burns out is clean. A good plumber will also ensure that other appliances such as the water heaters are properly vented.

A professional plumber is the only person who understands the Calgary safety codes and does the work right so that any time it requires inspection, it will always pass the first time. Although there are some home owners who would always want to spend less even if it means paying incompetent contractors, it is important to understand that spending a fortune to pay off a qualified plumber will save your entire investment.

Apart from the convenience, safety and peace of mind you enjoy when you have a professional plumber handle your gas plumbing needs, you should also consider the legal ramifications. Home owners should understand that a liability claim could be filled if someone dies or gets injured in their home or nearby houses, including the fire fighters called in to put out the burning home, if it is proven that the gas plumbing was at fault. Gas plumbing in Calgary is too important and should be treated as such.

All you need to Enjoy Calgary Sausage

The Calgary Farmers market is known to organise sausage fetes where more than 100 different types of sausages are sampled from tens of vendors while a jazz band serenades the crowds. There are about eight major sausage supplies firms in Calgary with hundreds of other smaller suppliers. The suppliers have everything you'd need to prepare your salami, burgers, sausages and bacon. A typical sausage making supplier stocks sausage stuffers, mincers, skins, seasonings, etc. The Calgary sausage making supply industry is extensive and well-developed.

  • The Sausage Market

Besides this equipment, they also stock butcher hooks, knives, cleavers and every type of utensils you'd need to mince your meat and make your sausage. Most suppliers are required by law to get approvals and accreditations from local regulators. It's also critical that their products have full traceability. The major suppliers supply the sausage making recipes and equipment to farm shops, butchers and small scale sausage makers. Most of them cater to both complete beginners and professional sausage makers.

  • Popular Meat Grinders

Grinding your meat or mincing it is the first step towards making your sausages. Meat grinders vary in efficiency and quality. The cost of a grinder depends on size, manufacturer, make, and whether it is for commercial or home use. The meat grinders vary in size from #5 all the way to #32. A typical home meat grinder's price ranges from $20 and $50 apiece. It’s also fitted with both coarse and fine grinding plates making them ideal for both grinding and grating.

  • Sausage Seasonings

There two ways of going about sausage seasonings. You can seek out the ingredients then follow through and prepare your seasoning. Alternatively, you can simply pick up ready-made recipes. There are few popular seasonings available in most sausage sites. Even there are more than 80 specialised seasonings. Typical ingredients for a sausage seasonings include paprika, salt, garlic powder and garlic granules, ground black pepper, fennels seed, and crushed red pepper flakes for spice.

  • Most Popular Meat Mixers

It is possible to mix your sausage seasonings into your ground meat by hand, or you can choose to use a meat mixer. A meat mixer is necessary when you are making large batches of sausages. Meat mixers are different from meat grinders in that they don't chop, grind or alter the meat. They simply knead it but turning it over and over again. Most Calgary meat and sausage making supplies stock just about any meat mixers you’d prefer.

  • Sausage Stuffers

Most sausage making supplies outlets also stock assortments of meat stuffers. Sausage stuffers are used to fill up your meat into sausage casings. Suppliers also stock meat grinders with sausage stuffing tubes, but ultimately it is simply easier to purchase a sausage stuffer from them. The stockists tend to have smaller manual stuffers than the larger stuffers which seem to be phasing out of the market. You can also opt to purchase automated stuffers; that is if you have an industrial sausage kitchen.

  • Sausage Making Recipes

There are hundreds of recipes for making sausages depending on the type of sausages being made. Different countries have different recipes that are mostly relied upon when making sausages. Most sausage making supply outlets have recipes books. These recipes can range from a free-form sausage to elegant mushroom, sausage ragu and even a potato quesadilla.

  • Sausage Casings

The type of sausage casing you settle for will have an effect on the eating experience and sausage making process. There are different types, and sizes of sausage casings in the market. Sausage casings tend to fall into four broad categories. There is the synthetic casings, fibrous casings, natural casings and collagen casings. Most people settle for natural casings because they are presumed to have the best flavour and appearance. There are more than sixty unique varieties of sausage casings in the Calgary market.

  • Who:
    You, your friends, family and community!
  • Where:
    At your place
  • When:
    Saturday, July 13th, 2013
  • What:
    Hosting a BBQ that celebrates local food!
  • Why:
    To celebrate local food, suppliers and the local economy... and join in the national conversation about local foods.
  • How:
    Register your BBQ event for a chance to win a Napoleon Prestige® Series 500 Grill and other prizes
    Step 2: Invite your friends & family and stock up on locally sourced food.
    Step 3: Fire up that grill!


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