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National BBQ Day

Why Local?

Your Community Is What You Eat

That is to say, food nourishes our communities, as well as our bodies. Just as some foods are healthier for you than others, there are foods that are healthier for your community’s economy, environment and food system. Luckily, these foods are one and the same. It all comes down to where you choose to source your food from. National BBQ Day is all about celebrating how local and sustainably grown foods benefit the well-being of your community, while still tickling your taste buds.

Your Food System

Local food production strengthens biodiversity in your region and enriches your environment. Eating local helps to reduce the food’s carbon footprint by shrinking the miles travelled and packaging used to get foods to your plate. Small local producers are also more likely to use sustainable growing practices with less harmful impact on the soil and water tables – all leading to a safer and healthier dinner.

Your Economy

Buying local helps to keep money within a community to enhance those very lives and livelihoods. Money spent within local economies circulates and compounds, providing benefits again and again. Local spending means more sustainable employment and a more resilient tax base. Because local foods require less shipping and fewer middle-men, local in-season foods are often cheaper and definitely offer more value.

Your Taste Buds

When it comes to local foods, there is nothing to worry about in the flavor department. It’s simple, really. Fresh and in season foods provide the healthiest – and most mouthwatering – options available.


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