Still Not Convinced?

Local foods are fresher, and fresh food simply tastes better.

Fresh & Delicious

Because they don’t have to┬átravel as far, local foods are allowed to fully mature before they are harvested. The longer a vegetable or fruit is allowed to mature within the soil, the more sugars and flavours it will develop.

Produce that is picked before maturity in order to ripen on the truck is sprayed with preservatives and anti-sprout agents so that it doesn’t spoil on the way to the supermarket. All of the natural flavours and nutrients break down during transport. Locally grown produce is more often allowed to mature naturally on the plant and is therefore full of flavor, not chemicals, when it gets to your plate.

Locally grown fruits and vegetables are often brighter and more colourful than food that has traveled up to a week to get to the supermarket. This is a sign that the product has been allowed to fully mature and was picked at the optimal time.

Natural & Healthy

Sustainably raised livestock grows up healthier than livestock raised on factory farms. Natural feed improves animal health and prevents the use of antibiotics and chemical treatments. Pastorally raised animals also benefit open spaces allowing for natural behaviours and development, contribute to ecosystem health, and greatly reduce the use of antibiotics. The healthier the animal is raised, the healthier – and tastier – it will be.

Quality Food

When you buy local and sustainably grown produce, you’re buying the best quality food available for you and your family. Local and sustainably produced foods don’t cut corners and then make up for the decrease in quality by artificial means, such as preservatives, chemicals, antibiotics, and artificial dyes and flavours. They are high quality products that are as fresh, delicious, and as nutritious as naturally possible. When you start buying local and cooking with safe, all natural ingredients, you might feel like you’re rediscovering your favourite foods all over again!